Beaver Subs

Subs are charged monthly for the 1st Portsmouth Scouts, this cover the costs of running the group including all standard weekly programme and for the older sections help to cover the boat maintenance and fuel for the boats during the summer season.

Beavers £12.50 per month
Cubs £12.50 per month
Scouts £24.00 per month
Explorers £24.00 per month

*payable 12 months of the year.

As you can imagine running a Sea Scout group is a very expensive although we do everything in our power to keep costs as low as possible we do have relatively high running costs compared to land based scout groups, especially relating to the boats which accounts for a large proportion of our expenditure each year.

One of the ways we keep our costs down is that all of the leaders give a large proportion of their free time and energy each week and it’s not just the two hours a week that we are meeting it’s the prep work which goes into each meeting and the maintenance of both the hut and the fleet of boats that the group owns. The 1st Portsmouth is a completely volunteer run.

We are always looking for a hand with these jobs whether it be help sanding and painting boats, helping tidy up the inside of the scout hut, providing an extra set of hands when at camp or helping organise a fundraising event. If you think you are able to offer any assistance then please contact one of the group’s leaders.


By signing a Gift Aid declaration we are able to recover 25p for each £1 of subs. We do not require any personal or financial information from you nor do you have to take any action, other than to sign the Gift Aid form. The only criteria is that the person paying the subscription is a Tax Payer.

Gift Aid represents a significant income for the Group and helps us to keep our Subs down.