Behaviour Policy

The 1st Portsmouth Sea Scouts operate a three strikes system this system will apply on any activity being run by the 1st Portsmouth so includes regular Friday night sessions, camps and any other activities or events run by the leadership team.

Strike 1 – Verbal warning given and a phone call to parents informing them that this verbal warning has been given.

Strike 2 – Written Letter informing parents and two week’s suspension

Strike 3 – Expulsion from the scout group on a permanent basis, at the discretion of the leadership team, no subs can be refunded nor can any monies paid for events be refunded which has already been passed on to the event organisers like camp fees as this would still cost the group money which is unfair to pass onto the other scouts / explorers which have done nothing wrong.

It is important to remember that all of the leadership team give up our time on a voluntary basis in order to provide an enjoyable time for all involved including ourselves, it’s also worth noting it is not just the time that we are meeting on Wednesday and Friday Nights for the section meetings, it is all the maintenance, paperwork and ongoing training which is required to keep the scout group running which actually consumes more time than the Friday night meetings. We do not come to scouts on a Friday night wanting to tell the young people off but at the same time we do request that the scouts respect us and our instructions. As volunteers we need to be enjoying ourselves as well else it is simply not worth us doing it.

If you have any question about the contents of this letter or any other issues then please do contact one of the leaders