1st Portsmouth Sea Scouts Bonus Ball Draw

            As part of our continued fundraising efforts for the 1st Portsmouth Sea Scouts we are running a Bonus Ball Draw in order to raise much needed funds to enable us to provide the best quality of scouting possible.

            The idea is simple. You pay £1 per a week and you get to choose a number/numbers between 1 and 59, if your number matches the National Lottery Bonus Ball from the Saturday night draw you will win 60% of the funds collected for that week, so if all 59 numbers are sold you will receive a total of £35.40.  There will also be a grand draw on the last Saturday before Christmas each year with a chance to win five times the standard jackpot which could be up to £177 to make for a nice Christmas present. The rules for the draw are attached to this letter and available from the 1st Portsmouth Sea Scouts website.

This will mean that if we manage to allocate all 59 numbers we will be able to raise £1100 a year for the group.

To make it easier to administer, we will collect the money in quarterly instalments (£13), payments can be made by Standing Order/Cheque/Cash (Standing order preferred).

If you are able to take part in this fundraising activity, please fill in the form below and return it your child’s section leader or directly to Phillip Jones with your first quarter’s money (£13) in an envelope marked BONUS BALL as soon as possible.  The draw will run once we have sold the first 20 numbers.

Please ask friends and family to take a number too, all the proceeds go to benefit children in the 1st Portsmouth Sea Scouts.

Bonus Ball Poster

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